Our Vision

The vision of Juba Express is that non-banking remittance is a lifeline for many peoples in the world and thus deserves to be capitalized and improved without causing significant burden to its users. We believe that we can make remittance both safe from illegal use and at same time an alternative means with affordable charges for the millions of its users. Juba Express will strive to help other financial institutions, government regulators and law enforcement agencies in the world understand how the lives of millions of people and even entire countries depend on the unconventional remittance services. Juba express will strive to ease the concerns of government regulators by offering transparency and compliant Financial services business which meets the global standards in regulatory compliance. Our Service guarantees all personal and business transmissions reach their destinations promptly and safely. We work hard to earn and maintain customer confidence around the world.

Our vision is to create sustainable growth by being an international champion and most trusted Money Transfer Company. We exist to create “Customers for Long Term” and “To be the best of what Customers Value the Most

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