Tanzania M-Pesa

What is M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is a service offered by Vodacom Tanzania that allows transfer of electronic money from person to person, person to business and business to person via a mobile phone. The service is available to any Vodacom customer, registered with M-Pesa and above 18 years of age.

How does it work?

This service allows anyone wishing to send money to Tanzania do so by using Juba Express Network.

The transaction is similar to a traditional cash-to-cash money transfer, except that the sender specifies the recipient’s mobile phone number at the time the funds are sent. Recipients in Tanzania must be registered M-Pesa customers.

Finding Juba Express agents

Juba Express agents are found in UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Australia, UAE among other countries to find your nearest agent https://www.jubaexpress.com/find-agent/

How much time does it take for money sent to reach the recipient in Tanzania?

The money is credited in a recipient’s M-Pesa wallet instantly. Normally, it will take just a few seconds for the confirmation SMS to be received.

Charges for receiving money

M-Pesa customers will not be charged for receiving money.

What is required to send money to Vodacom Tanzania M-Pesa customers?

Here are the basic requirements:


  • A valid legal residence ID, or passport with Visa
  • Source & purpose of funds


  • Name and Address of the recipient
  • Must be a registered M-Pesa customer
What are the transaction limits on M-Pesa?

Maximum transfer and daily limit is subject to the recepient’s M-Pesa Tier Limits.


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