How to Send Money to Uganda?

Uganda is an underdeveloped country, regarded by many estimates to be also one of the poorest in the world. Although its rich and diverse landscape can make tourists fly-in, many people still travel abroad for better-earning opportunities.

This article covers topics related to how Ugandans working in other countries or any person from outside of Uganda can send money and make international fund transfers such as from Nigeria and India using the M-PESA global service.

How to send money to Uganda from other countries?

Sending money to Uganda from any other country abroad is easy and just a few simple steps.

If you happen to be in another country such as India or Nigeria, you can easily send money to anyone in Uganda via the M-PESA global service.

How to send money to Uganda via M-PESA Global?

Like many other online money transfer services and platforms, M-PESA Global happens to be one as well.

M-PESA Global operates internationally, making it easy for you to send and receive money from one place to another across the world.

To do this, you need to become registered with the M-PESA Global service.

Benefits of using the M-PESA Global service to send and receive funds

M-PESA Global service registered account holders have many benefits. Some of these are –
Once you become a registered customer of the M-PESA Global service, you can easily send funds to Uganda, bank accounts in various countries globally, several hundred thousand Western Union locations globally, and PayPal mobile money service for online shopping.

  • No need to visit your bank to receive funds, all funds are received on your mobile phone.
  • No transaction fees to receive funds. You receive the exact amount of what had been sent to you.

Steps to using the M-PESA Global service for sending money to Uganda

Using your mobile /smartphone, M-PESA Global service can be accessed in the following two methods –

Method no.1
  • From your mobile phone, simply dial *840#
  • Opt-in by accepting the ‘Terms and Conditions
  • Select the option of ‘Send Money Abroad’
  • Enter your preferred PIN
  • Select the option of ‘Send Money’
  • Enter the phone number of the international recipient. Use this format for entering the number – 256XXXXXXXXXX
  • Enter amount and M-PESA Global pin to confirm the transaction.
Method no.2
  • Open the MySafaricom app on your smartphone.
  • Select the option M-PESA
  • Next select M-PESA Global
  • Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ when prompted
  • Now select ‘Send’
  • Continue inputting the details as and when required such as amount and PIN to complete the transaction.
Other important things you should know about using the M-PESA Global service

Transaction limits when using the M-PESA Global service to send and receive funds

M-PESA Global service also has a minimum and maximum limit per transaction like any other fund transfer service. These are –

  • Minimum limit: KSHS 101
  • Maximum limit: KSHS 70,000
What currency is used for receiving the funds via the M-PESA Global service?

No matter what currency is used to send the funds via the M-PESA Global service, a recipient will always receive funds in their local currency.

How much does it cost to use the M-PESA Global service?

All transactions are carried at the prevailing currency exchange rates. Other than that, no transaction charges of whatsoever nature are incurred by the users.

Receiving funds from abroad on your M-PESA Global service account

Once you become a registered member of the M-PESA Global service, you can receive funds without incurring any service charges, from all over the world, sent to you via the following M-PESA Global service partners –

  • MoneyGram
  • Transfer Galaxy
  • Azimo
  • Skrill
  • WorldRemit
  • Western Union
  • MTN Uganda
  • Post Finance
  • XendPay and a few others.
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