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Send Money to Somaliland – Online Money Transfers


How can I send money to Somaliland?

Juba Express and its partners around the globe present you with a chance to send money to Somaliland. To send money to Somaliland, visit any juba express agent near your or visit Juba express online partners such as Transfer Galaxy, WorldRemit, Guul pay, etc.

The steps of sending money are easy once you visit the agent or log in to an online platform; you can remit money to your beloved ones at a low cost at the best rate possible.

In Somaliland, Juba Express offers the following services

  • cash pick up,
  • Bank account credit and
  • Mobile payments.

Our Service guarantees all personal and business transactions reach their destinations promptly and safely. We work hard to earn and maintain customer confidence around the world.

Somalia’s Current Exchange Rates

All your remittances to Somalia will be cashed out in US dollars. Juba Express Agents in Somalia only pays clients in USD dollars and not in Somalia shilling.

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Send Money To Somalia Through online?

When you talk of Money transfer in Somalia, you speak of the success story of Juba Express. Juba Express is among the company that gives the most efficient way to send money to Somalia. Try us; you will not regret it.

What Is the Easiest Method of Sending Money to Somalia?

The easiest way to send money to Somalia is to use Juba Express. Whether you are in Africa, America, Europe, Asia, or Australia, Juba express Services is there. This is possible because Juba Express has formed a partnership with several reputable International Money Transfer companies and Banks worldwide to further expand into more regions and territories.

You only need to visit the Juba Express website and find your nearest agent.

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