How Can I Send Money to Somalia?

Are you a Somali working abroad in a foreign country? Are you having trouble making foreign remittances? Or do you not know exactly what options you have to send your hard-earned money to your family who might be desperately waiting for it back home in Somalia?

If the answer to these questions is in ‘Yes’, then probably you have landed at the right place.

This article covers the most reliable method in which Somali’s working in various countries far away from home can send timely payments in a legitimate and totally legal manner to their families in Somalia.

Why can Somali’s have trouble sending money back home to their country?

Somalia or the Official Republic of Somalia is a country in the continent of Africa. The country is currently rated amongst the most devastated countries in the world. Civil unrest, violent crimes from kidnappings to murder to car bombings to attacks on public and private buildings can be at times quite common.

This is the main reason why many Somalis travel abroad to other developed and developing countries around the world in search of better earning and lifestyle prospects.

Having said this, Somali’s earning in other countries have the need to send foreign remittances for supporting their families back home. However, Somalia being a country with no proper infrastructure limits the scope of these payments in the form of foreign remittances. On the other hand, sending funds abroad can also be an issue since not many options are available.

This means that Somali’s have limited ways of sending their hard-earned money to their families in Somalia who not only highly depend on it, but for many of whom this is probably the only source of income.

The best way to send and receive money in Somalia to and from United States, UK, and other countries.

How to send money to somalia?

As of now, WorldRemit is perhaps the only and by far the best method to send foreign remittances to Somalia from abroad.

Since WorldRemit offers its services in as many as around 130 countries of the world, it is far more an easier and more convenient method for Somali’s to send money online to their families in Somalia.

Depending on the country you are sending your money from to a cash recipient in Somalia, the amount of funds per transaction that you can send may vary.

However, no single transaction can exceed the maximum amount of US$3,000.

All you need to do is to download the WorldRemit app on your smartphone or use the WorldRemit website to create a transaction by providing just the basic details of you and the recipient.

Once the transaction is successfully processed, the sender and the receiver are both sent an email and a text message notification that contains an 11-digit collection reference number.

This entire process, in most cases, usually takes 30 minutes to happen.

Then all that needs to be done is for the recipient in Somalia to visit any branch of Juba Express for cash collection by presenting their valid photo ID and the 11-digit collection reference number.

How to send money from somaliland?

WorldRemit allows sending funds abroad to more than 140 countries from Somaliland.

Just like receiving funds in Somalia, it is possible that people in Somaliland would want to send their funds abroad to resettle in another country or pay the tuition fees of any student studying abroad, etc.

  • Bank transfer; and
  • ZAAD mobile money service by mobile operator Telesom.

Bank account details for bank transfer, and payment method and details for users of the ZAAD mobile money service are available at the WorldRemit website.

A maximum amount of US$10,000 can be sent per transaction per 24 hours by using the bank transfer method in Somaliland.

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