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Send Money to Africa – JubaExpress – International Money Transfer


How to Send Money to Africa?

Juba Express and its network offer a rare opportunity for Millions of Africans who live and work abroad, to send money and support relatives back home. To send money to Africa, the client needs to use Juba express agent or partner. Please read more on

Can a Visa Holder Send Money to Africa?

You’re probably thinking if giving funds to Africa is indeed doable. The good news would be that you absolutely can. However, you’ll need to figure out how to do this in a secure environment. Juba Express and its partners across the globe can assist you to send money through a reliable and secure online platform.

Supporting Family through Juba Express

Many Africans send money home and help assist their families. They have such a tremendous amount of respect and affection for their parents and siblings, and they wish to assist them economically.

Juba Express product and services in Africa

Juba Express boasts a huge network in Africa. Be it in East Africa, West Africa, Central, North, or South Juba Express services exist.

The Juba Express services available in Africa are: –

  • Cash pick up
  • Bank account credit
  • Mobile/Wallet payment
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