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Juba Express Unveils a Comprehensive and Robust System


Juba Express Unveils a Comprehensive and Robust System That Facilitates Prevention and Detection of Money Laundering

The new systems enhances the existing features to do the following:

  • Automatically screens customer transaction for suspected money laundering activities
  • Automatically Provides OFAC screening for every transaction.
  • Uses fuzzy logic for search and filtering
  • Able to extract and aggregate transaction information from company data sources
  • Automatically generates CTR/SARS for the required transactions
  • Provides risk scores and ranks suspected money laundering activities

Juba Express has long recognized the importance of safe-guarding the integrity of money transfer through its network. It has instituted strict compliance regimes designed to meet international and country-specific regulations, says. Juba Express is a fastest growing Money Transmitter company with services in Fifty Countries and Territories . With the current enhancements and the ongoing compliance training for its agents are intended to increase Juba Express’s agents awareness of combating Anti Money Laundering.

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