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How to Send Money to Africa?

Juba Express and its network offer a rare opportunity for Millions of Africans who live and work abroad, to send money and support relatives back home. To send money to Africa, the client needs to use Juba express agent or partner. Please read more on

Can a Visa Holder Send Money to Africa?

You’re probably thinking if giving funds to Africa is indeed doable. The good news would be that you absolutely can. However, you’ll need to figure out how to do this in a secure environment. Juba Express and its partners across the globe can assist you to send money through a reliable and secure online platform.

Supporting Family through Juba Express

Many Africans send money home and help assist their families. They have such a tremendous amount of respect and affection for their parents and siblings, and they wish to assist them economically.

Juba Express product and services in Africa

Juba Express boasts a huge network in Africa. Be it in East Africa, West Africa, Central, North, or South Juba Express services exist.

The Juba Express services available in Africa are: –

  • Cash pick up
  • Bank account credit
  • Mobile/Wallet payment

JubaExpress Provides Vital Service for African Community

Vital Service for African Community

Juba Express plays a vital role in serving the African community. Communities receive funds sent to them by their diaspora relatives in Juba Express agents and partners across Africa.

We believe that the African diaspora community sent home more than $40 billion last year, and this figure will increase each year. The African economy is getting stronger, with diversifying trade making it less prone to the economic downturn.

Juba Express flourished in Africa

Juba Express thrived in Africa and has grown from strength to strength, thanks to an ever-increasing diaspora community. Juba Express continues consistently uphold the ideals for which it was founded — trust and accountability. The company has no debt and sticks to a fair commission fee policy.

Send money from Africa to Turkey – Juba Express partner PGPARA

Juba Express partner PGPARA to offer services in Turkey

Juba Express partnered PGPARA to provide services in Turkey. This partnership matches the vision of the Juba Express to be a leading firm in the field of money transfer thereby being a choice of many around the globe. The services offered in Turkey by PGPARA to Juba Express clients are

  • Local bank deposit to all banks (TRY deposit)
  • USD bank deposit (Ziraat bank, Türkiye finans and Şeker bank)
  • Cash pick up in several agents around Turkey

How to send money to Turkey?

To send money, Visit any Juba express agent near you. For more information

The most cost-effective method of sending money from Africa to Turkey

Juba Express brings to you the most cost-effective method of sending money from Africa to Turkey. With its vast network in Africa, and through a partnership with PGPARA, customers can experience a safe, fast, and competitively priced money transfer experience.

Juba Express and Transfer Galaxy launched international payments to Africa

Juba Express and Transfer Galaxy come together to launch international payments in Africa. The first phase is East Africa, countries involved are Somalia, followed by Tanzania and Ethiopia. Other phases will incorporate East Africa (remaining countries), West Africa, Central Africa, and North Africa.

Customers can receive remittances through Transfer Galaxy from friends and family in Europe. Read more information on how to send money to Africa through the Transfer Galaxy website.