The new systems enhances the existing features to do the following:

  • Automatically screens customer transaction for suspected money laundering activities
  • Automatically Provides OFAC screening for every transaction.
  • Uses fuzzy logic for search and filtering
  • Able to extract and aggregate transaction information from company data sources
  • Automatically generates CTR/SARS for the required transactions
  • Provides risk scores and ranks suspected money laundering activities

Juba Express has long recognized the importance of safe-guarding the integrity of money transfer through its network. It has instituted strict compliance regimes designed to meet international and country-specific regulations, says.

Juba Express is a fastest growing Money Transmitter company with services in Fifty Countries and Territories . With the current enhancements and the ongoing compliance training for its agents are intended to increase Juba Express’s agents awareness of combating Anti Money Laundering.

Juba Express provided annual training to its employees, agents, and affiliates on Jun, 2013.

Juba Express  is committed to provide ongoing training to all its personnel and to ensure that written procedures are updated to reflect any changes required in such training. Training was conducted using face-to-face and online technology.

Juba Express maintains records to document training history and material. These will include training and testing materials, the dates of training sessions, attendance records, and be available for examiner review.

Training included, but not limited to:
  • BSA/AML requirements
  • Patriot Act requirement
  • Overview of different forms of Money Laundering
  • Customer Identification Program (CIP)
  • Detecting suspicious activities and filing SARs
  • Cash transaction reporting ($3000 or more) and filing CTRs
  • OFAC requirements and handling positive name matches
  • General record keeping, retention, and documentation
  • Personnel roles and responsibilities
  • Penalties for non-compliance

In addition, Juba is committed to providing enhanced training to its Compliance Officer(s) and key management staff.