Q1 How long will it take to transfer my funds to End Recipients?

As soon as we receive the funds, and processed, it will be available for pick up within normally 15 minutes by the End Recipient.

Q2 What ID am I required to provide?

Identification is required so we can meet Anti-Money Laundering law. Juba Express collects identification from customers prior to transferring or paying out the proceeds of a client's transfer. In general we collect identification in the form of a copy of a passport/drivers license or a state issued photo ids.

Q3 Why do I need to register?

You need to register in order to ensure full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.

This regulation states that all of our customers must be registered and we must hold a valid proof of identity and proof of address for them. This is to prevent money laundering activities. Juba Express deals with any suspicious or illegal activity very seriously and will report any occurrences to the appropriate authorities.

Q4 How do I Register?

To register with Juba Express. You need to visit one of our authorized agents

Q5 How do you determine the exchange rate?

The Exchange rates that are on the site are updated every 30 seconds and are sourced from 10 different sources around the world. Please refer to most recent published Exchange rates on our website for details.

Q6 What methods of payment can I use to transfer the funds?

Juba Express is currently accepting cash, and checks. Checks are only being accepted at selected offices in selected countries.

Q7 Can I send money to a credit card?

No, Juba Express is currently not sending money to Credit cards.

Q8Can I send money to a mobile telephone?

Yes, Mobile Transfer is available in selected counties. Our website will soon be publishing countries with Mobile Transfer Service available.

Q9Which countries can I send funds between?

Juba Express is currently servicing in over 50 countries and still growing. Please click on Destination link on our Website for more details.